Pacific Crest Trail - Then & Now

The Podcast

We thru-hiked the PCT in 2002 and made audio recordings with people we met.  Those recordings were lost for twenty years but have now been turned into this podcast series.

It reveals trail-life in the so-called 'classic years' of the PCT.

We've brought things up to date by talking to the latest generation of thru-hikers and others who know and love this remarkable trail.


The Trail Journal

Written in the moment while actually hiking.This is not a book lovingly crafted in the glow of hindsight.

My journal reveals our feelings at the time, often contradictory, on how the trail became a brutal job, how we occasionally resented the presence of other hikers in towns and sought solitude where possible.

We know we come across like two 'Snooty Brits', as one reviewer called us.

There are gaps in my record during the second half of the trail when our focus shifts to the race against winter in Washington.

While it is not a particularly attractive story, it has the benefit of being unflinchingly true.

.epub for Kindle & other readers and .pdf

So what have you been doing since 2002?

After the trail Liz married Simon and, when he retired as a BBC Correspondent, they set up home in North West Scotland.

They produce the world's best selling sea kayak coaching films

They run another podcast and YouTube channel

Always Another supported our 2002 hike with an early model and now supports our podcast - thank you